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The Politics of Racism


ABC No Rio Section

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Kendall Shaw

Hang The Green Bastard

Monique de Latour

Nineteen-Ninety Hate

Kanou Baysa


Sheila Batiste


Brookie Maxwell

Be Aware

Dread Scott

Sign Of The Times

Blue Black/High Yellow

Daryl Wells

Francis Caterino

The Fine Art of Laying Brick

Robert Visani


Derrick Adams

Performing Without A Net

Julian Akins

Watermelancholy Blues

Ron Rocco

Detention Centers

Walter Jackson


Hulbert Waldroup

Colored Angels Contemplating Suicide Because Heaven Is Segregated

Michael Britto

(from the video Niggafied)

Christina Bryant

Betrayal of the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave

Zenzele Browne


Suncadm Bey

(title TBA)